With technology playing a major role in enabling business operations and workplace productivity, Facilities Management, which constitutes about 80% of the total real estate life-cycle and drives productivity in the workplace, cannot be lagging behind in technology adoption.

In most developed climes, there is an increasing integration of tech into workplace management, business operation, people productivity and environmental management; and this trend has influenced the practice of Facilities Management and its day-to-day running in terms of capacity and systems.

With the influx of these tech-buildings into Africa, the question remains is Africa FM prepared for the click, swipe and tap revolution? What role with Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data play in the future of Africa’s workplaces?

Download our Report on Tech Trends & The Future of Workplace Facilities Management in Nigeria for more on the present state of FM-tech in Africa, the growing trend of tech-buildings around the continent and the human capacity required for this emerging trend.

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