Our Businesses

Facilities Management

This is delivered by Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Limited, AMFacilities - one of Africa's leading Facilities Management Companies certified to ISO 9001:2015 international standards by United States Accreditation Services, UKAS.

AMFacilities provides Integrated Facilities Management operations and Consultancy services to large-scope, complex and multi-serviced facilities across Africa. For over a decade, we have provided quality FM services to some of the fortune 100 companies operating in; and out of Africa and the Middle East markets.

With a track record of delivering up to 95% Service Level Agreement in the Oil & Gas sector, achieving 100% availability of critical equipment at one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria, and recording zero fatality in over the past 10 years of operating in different African markets and the UAE; our services are not just designed to help you achieve your Real Estate objectives, they are delivered to international standards. That’s how we support you to make real difference.

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Real Estate & Infrastructure Development

Operated by Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) - Nigeria's first Real Estate Company certified to ISO 9001:2015; this business was established in 2013 to provide Real Estate products for middle income Africans; Infrastructure Development and Concession Management to government and private investors; and Renovation, Retrofit and Renewal services to Real Estate investors and corporations.

In addition, AMDC has also developed Real Estate Advisory and Asset Management capacities to help global investors maximize their interests in Africa. One of such is managing investment advisory for one of the top four global ICT companies to the tune of $400 million in 2016.

Whatever your Real Estate needs are: we have both technical and operational capacities to take your project from design to completion; offering you insights about key markets, and the opportunities that exist in them.

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Healthcare Management Services

Alpha Mead Healthcare & Management Services Limited (AMHS) is dedicated to bridging the gap between the management of medical procedures and the provision of the required medical equipment and systems to medical facilities in Africa. Our approach is to through comprehensive and process-driven systems, guarantee access to efficient and effective healthcare support services that patients can afford.

We are incurably passionate about improving the state of medical and healthcare facilities and administration in Africa. Our goal is to work with all stakeholders to help Africa's healthcare sector compete favorably with developed countries of the world.

To do this effectively, our systems have been designed to leverage on the technical competence, technologies and operational capacity of our consortium on one hand; and the years of experience of our qualified personnel who have delivered results on some of the most sought-after medical facilities in the United States and other developed markets, on the other hand.

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Training Services

Our training Services are delivered under the Alpha Mead Training Centre (AMTC) - a Global Training Affiliate (GTA) of the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) in Africa, an accredited training Centre for the Institute of Workplace & Facilities Management, IWFM, (previously British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM,) UK) and an accredited training centre of the Centre for Management Development (CMD) respectively. These are in addition to partnerships with different training bodies around the world, who work with us to deliver Onsite or Offsite training programmes to our customers.

Since 2006, AMTC has kept up with industry trends and technologies; and designed various training programmes that are helping businesses within the African built environment develop the right capacity and enhance the skills of professionals to make real difference in Africa’s growing and highly dynamic FM market.

Our goal is to use training, certifications and development programmes to entrench global standards in the delivery of Real Estate and Facilities Management–related services at all levels in Africa.


Real Estate Advisory, Research & Property Management

Alpha Mead Real Estate Partners (AMREP), a clients' advisory company runs this aspect of our business.

Armed with the capability to provide tailor-made Real Estate Advisory, Financial and Technical Solutions to international and local clients, AMREP leverages best-in-class, specialist real estate expertise and blend them with their years of experience and understanding of the local operating environment to provide an array of value-chain products for you.

Our network and working relationships across emerging markets, mixed with the experience and expertise of our people is what set us apart from other service providers.

AMREP’s services include: Real Estate Advisory, Market Research, Property Management, Sales & Leasing, and Development Planning.

Real Estate Bridge-Finance Services

This service is provided by Alpha Mead Capital (AMC) – an entrepreneurial Capital and Advisory Services Company that works with developers, financial institutions, and private investors across the globe to design solutions that make home ownership affordable and housing finance more accessible to middle income professionals in Africa.

AMC’s approach is to make home ownership and access to housing finance sustainable by bridging the equity portion of the home loan requirement required by the primary mortgage banks.

Working with AMDC, AMC offers unique products and services based on a successful combination of advisory services and product design, supported by a loan origination and administration platform tailored to the mid-income professionals‘ market segment.

Warehousing & Logistics Services

With Alpha Mead Warehouse & Logistics services Limited, AMWL, we offer warehouse brokerage and product distribution services warehouse owners or promoters and manufacturers respectively.

Our warehouse facilities are designed and managed to international standards to ensure safety, security and efficient storage systems for all types of merchandise.

To reduce the logistics hiccups associated with warehousing and logistics, AMWL has invested in a range of IT solutions that will ensure seamless movement of goods across major city centres in Africa.

Whether yours is a need for a dedicated or multi-user warehouse facility; or you require an end-to-end logistics solution that gets your goods into the right channel and closer to your customers, we are poised to support you to make that difference.

Security & Fire Alarm Systems

Alpha Mead Security Systems & Technology Limited, AMST, is an indigenous engineering company that specializes in the Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire, Safety and Security Systems.

Our focus is to deliver quality security systems and technology solutions, using best practices to meet customers‘ requirements for a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

With building systems becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, we have designed and implemented solutions to different customer needs. We have also defined our quality processes to ensure that our comprehensive product range meets high levels of fire, safety and security requirements. All system related products are designed to be compatible with the requirements of the relevant international industry standards.