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Who We Are

Alpha Mead Group is a total Real Estate solutions company established to provide a wide range of services to local and international Real Estate investors/owners with interest in Facilities Management, Real Estate Development and Advisory, Security Systems and Technologies, Training, Healthcare Management Services and Real Estate Investment Services.


The Group has six Strategic Business Units; Alpha Mead Facilities (AMF), Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC), Alpha Mead Training Centre (AMTC), Alpha Mead Security Systems & Technologies (AMST), Alpha Mead Healthcare Management Services (AMHS) and Alpha Mead Capital (AMC).


The Alpha Mead Group brand offers corporate services support to the six SBUs. The aim is to achieve economies of scale, sustain core culture and gain the benefit of experienced professional services across every sector we operate.


To sustain our expansion drive, the Group has a formidable regional business structure covering certain geographical locations in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, South Africa and Dubai, which the SBUs can leverage on for growth.


This is to enable the Group bring the depth of experience gathered from various projects to offer superior quality, project management at the best price such that the customer sees value in dealing with one customer with required knowledge in managing most aspects of their properties. This strategy is aimed at differentiating the Alpha Mead’s brand from other competitors and providing convenience of contract administration to the customers.


Our Leadership

Board of Directors (BOD)

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Executive Management Team (EMT)

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Our Vision

To be the biggest among the Top Three Biggest and the Best total real estate solutions companies in the world.

Our Mission

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Core Values

S - Spice

P - Professionalism

I - Integrity

C - Care

E - Entrepreneurship



Corporate Management Systems

Our corporate business is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with core competencies in key areas of our business processes, such as:

Organization Resources: This deals with the provision of adequate and quality Man, Machine and Money for our businesses to run. This process also involves sourcing for the required information, management expertise, tools and equipment that will help make the best use of ourresources.

Lead Generation: We engage the market at various levels – public, private, NGOs, etc. – across various industries and sectors to provide solutions and generate opportunities across our service offerings.

Prospect Evaluation: In the quest to continually succeed on all our projects, we have developed capacity along defined criteria to meet our service offerings with quality prospects.

Opportunity Conversion: Our team approaches every opportunity with strong a commitment to quality and mutually beneficial outcomes. We also expect to be treated fairly in a transparent bidding process that assures all stakeholders of a healthy, competitive environment.

Work Execution: We mobilize to every project with the best human and material resources available to help deliver effective and quality service, health and safety standards, and ultimately extend the life span of our customers’ assets at the lowest life cycle cost.

Payment: To ensure that the quality and effectiveness of our services remain at the highest level, we expect that our customers will timely honour their financial commitments within agreed contract terms, so we can in turn fulfil our financial obligations to other stakeholders within our supply chain.

Stakeholder Management: We understand that this is the bedrock of sustainability. Hence, we intend to continually align our business values by interacting with all our stakeholders and act accordingly on their feedback to engender mutual understanding between us and other interests in our business.

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Customers and Testimonials

We recognize that Real Estate and Infrastructure are beyond buildings and structures and what makes them function. Therefore, for us, making real difference is ensuring that Real Estate Assets are safe, comfortable and secure; healthcare is qualitative, accessible and affordable; and infrastructure assets continue to enable economic prosperity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Alpha Mead, we believe making real difference is not only in the quality of services we provide to our customers. We believe making real difference is especially in the quality of life we support people to live in the different and cross-cultural environments where we operate. Our CSR activities resolves around Skill Development & Capacity Building, Health & Safety in Secondary/High Schools and Humanitarian & Philanthropy Services.

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