About Managed Healthcare Services

Managed Healthcare Services is a product of Alpha Mead Healthcare Management Services (AMHS) – a subsidiary of Alpha Mead Group. It is a comprehensive healthcare solution designed to take care of the health of everyone .


Managed Healthcare Service provides healthcare services to you and your loved ones at your convenience; whether in your office, at home, the club, gym or even taking healthcare services to your loved ones like your parents & children wherever they are. Our professionals are prompt and will provide you with all the medical pieces of advice required to keep you healthy and sound. 


Our services are very convenient, easily accessible, prompt, comprehensive and pocket-friendly. In case you need to see a doctor, we have a network of specialists that can attend to you at your convenience.  

Our Value Propositions

  • Missing the doctor’s appointment is no longer an issue. With us, healthcare will be at your doorstep, just a phone call away.
  • You are no longer in the dark because you have no time for your healthcare check-up. Our services help with EARLY DETECTION, IDENTIFICATION, AND MANAGEMENT OF RISK FACTORS. 
  • Never miss that business meeting because of parents or loved ones health. We help you by ensuring you focus on your business with the assurance that your loved ones are getting the best of healthcare wherever they find convenient. 
  • Professional and expert advice on where, when, and how to get the best healthcare services, including treatments.  

Why Choose Us

  • Operational Capacity: Personalized comprehensive healthcare services delivered where and when you want; including access to high quality healthcare facilities.


General Health Check Tests

  • Male

    • Heart rate | Blood pressure | Respiratory rate 
    • Fasting blood glucose | Liver function test | Lipogram | Complete blood count |Prostate specific antigen 
    • Electrolytes/Urea/Creatinine | Urinalysis & Thyroid function test 
    • Electrocardiography | Echocardiography (Echo) | Abdominal & Prostate scans & Chest X-ray. 
  • Female

    • Heart rate | Blood pressure | Respiratory rate 
    • Fasting blood glucose | Liver function test | Lipogram | Complete blood count  
    • Electrolytes/Urea/Creatinine | ECG |Echo | Abdominopelvic scan | Chest X-ray | Mammogram & Cervical smear test. 

Other tests will be conducted based on Patient’s symptoms and signs, diagnosis and results of investigations.

What happens after these tests?

A detailed report is generated and then sent to you. Patients found to have morbidities are assisted through our trusted referral system to the appropriate Specialist(s) who have been assessed by our qualified personnel for quality service. Appropriate intervention is instituted within the shortest period and continuous follow-up is ensured. Our assigned AMHS Doctor handles and coordinates all the healthcare services for you.

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