About Alpha Mead Development

  • Who We Are


    Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) is Nigeria's first Real Estate Development & Infrastructure Company certified to International Standards (ISO 9001:2015) by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). Established in 2013, our goal is to lower the entry barrier to home ownership for middle income Africans; develop and management Infrastructure projects for government and private investors; and Renovation, Retrofit and Renewal Corporate Real Estate assets for investors and businesses.

    In collaboration with our sister company, Alpha Mead Real Estate Partners (AMREP) we have also developed Real Estate Advisory and Asset Management capacities to help global investors maximize their interests in Africa. One of such is managing investment advisory for one of the top four global ICT companies to the tune of $400 million in 2016.

    To make affordable and quality homes accessible to the middle-income class, we have adopted a strategic, innovative and technology-driven approach to delivering homes at a faster, more cost-efficient and better quality.

    Our technology can deliver homes within nine to 10 days – post foundation – reduce cost of construction up to 20% and cut material wastage to near-zero level. Leveraging our Advisory Services, we have also taken a research-driven approach to ease the housing financing bottleneck that inhibits homeownership and profitable Real Estate investment. Whatever your Real Estate and Infrastructure needs are; we have both technical and operational capacities to take your project from design to completion; offering you insights about key markets, and helping you take the opportunities there.

  • Real Estate Development

    Real Estate Development

    Our approach to Real Estate development relies on technology. With this, we combine speed, quality and sustainability, to improve on the conventional building methods in the market. We have not just perfected delivering quality buildings at cost-effective ways; we have gone ahead to develop the capability to build homes and assets that suit the lifestyle and financial capacity of our market.

    Typically, our approach to development features the following:

    Contemporary Designs: Given our desire to build functional living communities, we have taken design to the level of customization. We understand the lifestyle of the middle-income class and have designs homes that are safe, comfortable, functional and maintenance friendly. From the our thin and straight 100mm walls, to the large patio French windows; walk-in closets and out-door dining designs; our multi-layer piping systems, encased drainage technique and renewable energy systems, our homes are built as signature of the lifestyle and living requirement of the middle-income class.

    Renewable Energy: Our approach to construction and power generation is not just environment-friendly, they are cost-efficient for the resident of our estate. We recognised that power cost could go as much as 40 to 50%, so we have invested in bio-digester systems, solar-enabling roofing systems and power plan plants to provide alternative, clean and low-cost energy to our customers.

    In addition, our system of construction is not just delivering houses at a faster pace than conventional building methods, it also ensures that less construction waste is generated, thereby adding value to our environment and reducing deforestation.

    Quality: Our technology does not just afford the opportunity to give our customers durable Real Estate assets, it also guarantees consistency in design and quality-delivery by offering them straight and parallel lines which are uncommon due to poor craftsmanship evident in Nigeria’s construction industry. Our relationship with partners such as Lafarge and other international affiliations also plays significantly in ensuring our customers get value for money.

    Speed: In the current market, speed is critical to all stakeholders. Our method of construction, which is a cast-in-situ system, allows us set up the panels along with the mechanical and electrical services within three days; using an average of six personnel. The concrete pour also takes place within a few hours, so the entire construction process can be carried out within nine to 10 days – post foundation – and 30 days for a finished apartment.

    This approach, alongside the standards, processes, personnel we have committed to this business line, gives us the capacity to deliver range of projects, including houses, shopping complexes, hostel accommodations, and other types of structures with large units in single or multiple locations for interested investors or promoters.

    1. Infrastructure Development & Concession Management

    Infrastructure Development & Concession Management

     In the face of widening housing and infrastructure gap in the country, our strategy is to work with stakeholders like government, private and development institutions to bridge these gaps; using globally-tested technologies that have delivered results in several developing markets like Nigeria. 

    From affordable housing construction for government and relevant stakeholders to large-scale, high-end developments for private individuals; or construction of critical infrastructure – we have identified and designed win-win approaches that can help increase and improve Nigeria’s infrastructure stock and lower homeownership barriers for low to middle-income class 

    To do this successfully, we have not just assembled a team of experts who have excelled in delivering complex projects, we have simplified the process of financing, general contracting, project planning, procurement and construction management.  

    As part of a consortium of Real Estate and Facilities Management companies with strength in key areas of the Real Estate value chain, we have leveraged on our technical expertise to create different Public Private Partnership (PPP) possibilities, mortgage financing opportunities and project management capabilities that address the strategic objectives of our stakeholders.  

    We believe technology will play a critical role in bridging Nigeria’s infrastructure and housing gap, and we have already positioned – working with global organisations such as Wall-Ties and Forms (WTF) – to help government and private individuals meet their infrastructure provision objectives. 

  • Renovation & Renewal of Buildings

    Renovation & Renewal of Buildings

    Our Renewals and Renovation Service provides specialized service in design, space planning and retrofit of office spaces and residential buildings. We believe in the proper and effective use of space that helps you achieve the maximum value for your piece of real estate. 

     Our Services include: 

    • Full Turn-Key Solutions of Design, Build and Project Management 
    • Design-only Services 
    • Space Optimization and Planning & Partitioning of Corporate offices, commercial, and residential buildings. 
    • Project Costing 
    • Quality Controlled Site Execution 

    Our Approach 

    Our team of architects and detail designers attend site, obtain accurate measurements of the critical areas where the overall dimensions of the units are governed by site sizes, and also identify service and obstructions or factors requiring consideration for parallel or following trades. 

    Once detailed information has been compiled and agreed, in conjunction with specialist suppliers and subcontractors, we develop and prepare working schedule for the works before drawings are then submitted to our clients for comments and approval. 

    This detailed process ensures minimal clashes and highlights areas of challenges which can be discussed, and if necessary, adjusted at drawing stage.  In particular, it enables the team to coordinate the specialist supply trades essential to efficient manufacturing process for the facility. 

    During the development of the drawings, our estimate and surveying professionals monitor costs with the view to keeping cost reconciliation up to date.  Should any adjustment be found necessary due to changes, quantities, or the Client’s requirements, the financial implications would be assessed. Regular applications, including works off site would be submitted in accordance to the contract condition procedures 

    1. Our Quality Management & Assurance Process

    Our Quality Management & Assurance Process

    At AMDC, we have simplified our construction processes into three key stages – Design, Construction and Delivery. Each of these stages go through a rigorous Quality Control and Assurance process to ensure that we deliver real estate assets that are safe, comfortable and valuable to their owners or investors. 

    Our Quality Control process includes a well-defined process of pre-qualification of vendors, assembling of experienced Project consultants, and defined quality parameters. It archives over 4,000 drawings and 100 procedures; ranging from controlled designs to earth works, building service designs, and how the procedures guide our development process. 

    Each of our construction process goes through the following QMS processes: 

    Design: At this stage, we produce a detailed architectural, structural, Mechanical & Electronic, and infrastructural drawings for execution. These drawings are taken through a carefully defined process to ensure that all forms of errors are taken care of, and solutions are proffered to potential challenges. 

    Construction: This stage in our building process is guided by several procedures and processes, which include: testing of soil to confirm strength and sameness with the design soil strength; setting out of boundary approval by consultants; excavation and blinding of bases for the foundation; procurement of reinforcement and test certificates from suppliers and confirmation of rebar strength for every batch of reinforcements procured (tensile strength test). 

    Other QMS process in this stage include: batching of concrete with reference to pre-submitted concrete mix design, flow rate test during concrete casting to achieve a workable concrete for ease of placement and application; collection of concrete samples at seven and 28 days respectively, in order to confirm that the finished concrete produced meets the minimum design strength. 

    At the end, the finished carcasses are inspected for any form of defects to cater for remedial works, and samples of specified materials are brought in for approval before final installations. 

    Delivery: At this stage, the entire system is tested to detect faults and appropriate actions are carried out on such defects prior to commissioning. The as-built drawings are also produced, taking note of all changes, before commissioning for use.