Alpha Mead Healthcare Management Services is established to collaborate with medical and healthcare institutions and professionals to make healthcare administration more efficient, fast and qualitative.

We understand the peculiarities of medical and healthcare environment in developing countries and have formed alliances with a vast network of globally-recognized medical equipment suppliers and healthcare specialists to provide patients and support healthcare operations with best-in-class services.

We are working with private and public sector stakeholders in Healthcare to improve medical infrastructure, raise standards of service delivery and provide specialist capabilities that can help in accurate diagnosis, quality treatment and quick recovery of patients.


Our Services

  • Healthcare Services Administration/Operations Management

    AMHS brings into the healthcare space the international expertise to focus on and improve the management of a section or the entire hospital to achieve an integrated coordinated system that delivers high quality healthcare services efficiently. We co-ordinate the operation of the modern technological equipment within the facilities as well as implement quality management strategies that enhance the effectiveness of healthcare professionals to raise the standards of care to global levels.

  • Healthcare Facilities Management (Soft & Hard)  

    With 10 years of exceptional experience, AMHS’s Consortium through its ISO-certified facilities management arm, provides the necessary soft and hard services required for maintaining the physical space and infrastructure of the facility so that it remains in fit for purpose status throughout the period of engagement. We believe that this is critical in making the entire environment of care within the hospital patient friendly and for positive experience as well as exceeding expectations of patients and their families.

  • Medical Equipment Sourcing, Commissioning

    We bring professionally designed solution strategies to acquire and maintain modern technology and equipment in the healthcare environment.

    Working in collaboration, our Consortium will provide policies and procedures and train all staff to ensure that global standards of care are maintained. Training will be provided on the proper use and maintenance requirements of the equipment systems that are installed. Applicable checklists will be implemented for quality assurance compliance.

  • Hospital Renovation & Renewal

    We specialise in conducting a detailed Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) hospitals. The generated report from this FCA will document the current conditions of the physical appearance and infrastructure. We propose specific action steps and timelines to implement needed renovations and improvements. We can renovate and renew a section or the entire facility to international standards.

  • Quality Management Systems Leading to Accreditation

    With the need for high quality and efficient delivery of healthcare services our Consortium will deploy its Quality Management System (QMS) within the hospital. This QMS will be integrated with the digital environment of the medical equipment providing for ease of accessing digitized images and critical information by Residents and Consultants and, consequently, efficient and accurate clinical diagnosis and timely treatment.

  • Healthcare Joint Venture & Partnership Structuring

    AMHS being a strategic business unit of the Alpha Mead Group is positioned to form partnerships and joint ventures. We are experienced in structuring Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Joint Ventures (JVs) to bring needed resources and bridge the enormous gaps currently in our government hospitals. We bring win-win structures to such partnerships leading to the provision of efficient healthcare operations, high quality care, and enhanced generation of revenues.